UofL chosen as a Campus Conversation location by ESPNW.
UofL chosen as a Campus Conversation location by ESPNW.

More than 400 female Cardinal student-athletes attended ESPNW’s Campus Conversations event held last month in the Ball/Multipurpose Room in the Student Activities Center.

The program was developed for major athletic departments with a proven commitment to women athletes and designed to prepare student athletes for success working after graduation through panel discussions and breakout sessions with accomplished university alumnae and ESPN Talent.

“The University of Louisville fosters a unique environment to host this event. We promote and support women’s sports and develop women leaders. There is a need for more women in leadership positions. These panelists know how to attack the opportunities and that is why we have put them in front of our athletes,” said UofL AD Vince Tyra. “There is no better place in the ACC to showcase women’s sports than the University of Louisville.”

The panel was moderated by ESPN’s Sarah Spain, from ESPN radio, Spain and Company, columnist and author, who said, “When you realize when you are in a school environment it feels very good to fit in. But when you get into the real world, the things that make you unique, even things you are insecure about are what makes you thrive and make you stand out as different and interesting.”
One of the panelists was UofL field hockey’s Jenna Ahern , founder and CEO of Guardian Owl Digital.

“My best advice is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be curious and get to know everyone around you,” she said. 
UofL’s volleyball/track’s Dr. Lecia Brown, who is a research and developer for GSK – a multinational pharmaceutical company, and also runs the LAMB foundation that awards scholarships to further girls’ education around the world, encouraged attendees to give back.

“Any time you can spare even five minutes to help someone and to give of your time and talent it not only benefits them but you as well,” she said. “So don’t forget you can give back at any stage of your life. It makes a difference.”