Dr. Neville Pinto is leaving UofL to serve as president of the University of Cincinnati.
Dr. Neville Pinto is leaving UofL to serve as president of the University of Cincinnati.

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of President James Ramsey late Wednesday night. Dr. Ramsey has served as president of UofL since 2002. 

Following the Board of Trustees meeting July 27, Chairman Pro Tem Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman said, “The University of Louisville Board of Trustees today accepted the immediate resignation of Dr. James Ramsey as president of the university. During the past 14 years, Dr. Ramsey has guided the institution through a remarkable transformation. By any measure – student retention and graduation rates, research funding and successes, student achievement and fundraising – the University of Louisville is a different, far better institution because of Dr. Ramsey.”

Dr. James Ramsey.
Dr. James Ramsey

Bridgeman added that a national search will begin immediately for the next UofL president. 

In the meantime, Interim Provost Neville Pinto will serve as Acting President, pursuant to university policy as outlined in The Redbook, UofL’s basic governance document.

“Dr. Pinto is an accomplished leader, and the board recognizes and appreciates his deep commitment to our institution,” Bridgeman said.

In a separate statement, Dr. Pinto said, “I am honored to serve in this capacity. With your support, I look forward to ensuring that the transition is accomplished with a renewed commitment to our students, our core values, and our broader university mission.”

Dr. Pinto called it a privilege to serve under Dr. Ramsey for the past 15 months as Interim Provost. 

“Under his presidency, the university has made remarkable gains, catapulting our reputation as a national, metropolitan research university. We are collectively grateful for his transformational presidency,” he said, adding that UofL’s leadership team is committed to building on this success.  

“The last few months have been challenging for our entire campus community. I want to thank you, our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, for your unwavering commitment to the university during this time. Each of you plays an important role in advancing the vital work we do in education, research and discovery, and community service and support,” Dr. Pinto said in his statement. “Our successes have been due to your hard work and accomplishments. I am confident that you will continue to deliver with passion and energy as we prepare our university to attract an outstanding new president.”

Dr. Pinto added that he will appoint an Interim Provost “shortly” to lead UofL through the implementation of the 21st Century University Initiative: Powering the 2020 Plan. 

“As we start our new academic year, I look forward to welcoming over 22,000 students to our campuses. Among these students is an outstanding freshman class and talented new graduate and professional students,” he said. “I will be energized by their excitement and optimism. I know you will as well.” 

Neville G. Pinto’s appointment as Interim Executive Vice President and University Provost at the University of Louisville became effective July 1, 2015. He joined UofL in 2011 as Dean of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering. While Dean, his accomplishments included spearheading development of the Belknap Engineering and Applied Sciences Research Park and significantly strengthening the university’s relationship with GE. This partnership has led to educational and career opportunities for UofL students and encouraged GE to bring its FirstBuild microfactory to campus.

Prior to joining the Speed School, Dr. Pinto served at the University of Cincinnati in various capacities, including Vice Provost (2006-2011).

Dr. Pinto was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, and at Penn State University where he earned his MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering.

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