Walsh Qu Rozsa Running McNamara 7-28-23 CROP MED

The North American annual cicada, top, with a quarter for size reference. Below, a magnified image from a small portion of the wing shows a bacterium that has been destroyed by nanopillars on the cicada’s wing.

UofL researchers on the project to replicate cicada wings as an antimicrobial surface material include, left to right, Kevin Walsh, associate dean of research and facilities and professor of electrical engineering at UofL’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering, Chuang Qu, senior engineering researcher, Jesse Rozsa, graduate research assistant, Mark Running, professor of biology and Shamus McNamara, associate professor of electrical engineering. The project also included students Hyun-Jin Jung, Anna R. Williams and Emmanuel Markin, UofL’s 2022 Homecoming King.

Four steps of the nanofabrication process used to replicate the nanostructure of a cicada wing.