Angelique Johnson

Electrical and biomedical engineer Angelique Johnson, an adjunct professor in the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, is the subject of a recent NBC News Learn video in the “Discovering You: Engineering Your World” series.

Johnson’s medical technology company, MEMStim LLC, uses automated manufacturing to make cochlear implants more affordable for patients. She uses the UofL Micro/Nano Technology Center cleanroom to develop and prototype these next-generation devices for the hearing impaired.

Johnson grew up with 10 brothers and sisters. Her father was a chemical engineer and her mother was a mathematician. They home schooled their children, raising them with a heavy focus on science and technology. This childhood education was the driver behind Johnson’s career.

“I was really passionate about wanting to work on something that I could see helping individuals in the next three to five years,” Johnson said. So, she used engineering to help people hear by developing cochlear implants. 

“I am really excited about the idea of having created a scientific idea from concept all the way to fruition,” she said. 

Check out the video 


Alicia Kelso
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