2015-16 Annual Report, “Movers, Shakers, Makers and Innovators,” now available.
2015-16 Annual Report, “Movers, Shakers, Makers and Innovators,” now available.

The University of Louisville is a community of movers, shakers, makers and innovators. With unparalleled research activity in emerging fields, unwavering commitment to community service, and unyielding dedication to academic excellence, the University of Louisville is producing graduates who are changing the ways of the world.

The university’s 2015-16 Annual Report shares some of the stories of our university community, including:

  • How our undergraduates pushed the limits of academics forward and blended the fields of biomechanics and health care to give 6-year-old Lucas Abraham a 3-D printed bionic hand that helped him regain mobility and function.
  • How UofL led a paradigm shift in manufacturing techniques by emphasizing a culture of community-based, collaborative co-creation that helps start-ups manufacture products and bring them to market.
  • How pediatric doctors at UofL made immunization easier for children by creating a combination vaccine that treats for six diseases at once, limiting the number of shots children receive without compromising their protection.
  • How a graphic design professor created a new font that helps people suffering from macular degeneration read for an extended period of time.

These stories and more are available in the 2015-16 Annual Report, “Movers, Shakers, Makers and Innovators,” now available online.


Erica Walsh
Erica Walsh is the marketing director for the Office of Communications and Marketing. Her job lets her share UofL’s good news in all avenues of communications including UofL Magazine, advertising, content marketing and branding. Walsh joined UofL in 2014 after previously serving as the public relations specialist at Indiana University Southeast. Prior to her career in higher education communications she was an award-winning newspaper reporter. Red is one of her favorite colors and it’s a good thing, too, because she earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Western Kentucky University and her master’s in communication from UofL.