A total of 58 faculty members from across both campuses were recognized for milestone service.
A total of 58 faculty members from across both campuses were recognized for their milestones.

There are 2,370 faculty members at the University of Louisville and some of them have been around for the long haul. The UofL celebrated faculty milestones earlier this week during the annual celebration of service awards.

During the event, Larry Tyler, engineering fundamentals, was recognized for 55 years of service.

Three professors were recognized for 45 years of service: Leslie Abramson, Brandeis School of Law; Brian Alpert, surgical and hospital dentistry; and Thomas Maloney, philosophy.

Additional honorees and their years of service are listed below:

40 years of service

  • David Adamkin, pediatrics/obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health;
  • Michael Tseng, anatomical sciences and neurobiology;
  • Babu Nahata, economics
  • Dale Billingsley, English
  • Julia Dietrich, English
  • Justin McCarthy, history

35 years of service

  • Deborah Keeling, criminal justice
  • Lee Larson, mathematics
  • Steven Skaggs, fine arts
  • Joseph Steffen, biology
  • Gennaro Vito, criminal justice
  • Charles Barr, ophthalmology and visual sciences
  • Robert Frierson, psychiatry and behavioral sciences
  • Toni Ganzel, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and communicative disorders
  • John Roberts, pediatrics
  • David Seligson, surgery
  • Naomi Oliphant, performance studies
  • Dar-Jen Chang, computer engineering and computer science

30 years of service

  • Steve Rouse, academic and professional studies
  • Michael Tracy, performance studies
  • Douglas Borchman, ophthalmology and visual sciences
  • Nemr Eid, pediatrics
  • Michael Heine, anesthesiology and perioperative medicine
  • Alfred Jacobs, medicine
  • Dan Stewart, pediatrics/obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health
  • Marcus Stoddard, medicine
  • Stephan Gohmann, economics
  • Mark Austin, sociology
  • John Gilderbloom, urban and public affairs
  • Frederick Luzzio, chemistry
  • Cynthia Negrey, sociology
  • Robert Powers, mathematics

25 years of service

  • David Anderson, English
  • Karen Chandler, English
  • Udayan Darji, mathematics
  • Margaret D’Silva, communication
  • David Imbroscio, political science/urban and public affairs
  • Mark Priest, fine arts
  • Reginald Bruce, management
  • Brian Dos Santos, computer information systems
  • Audrey Kline, economics
  • George Kushner, surgical and hospital dentistry
  • William Scarfe, surgical and hospital dentistry
  • Cheryl Kolander, health and sport sciences
  • Karen Jordan, Brandeis School of Law
  • Cedric Powell, Brandeis School of Law
  • Enid Trucios-Haynes, Brandeis School of Law
  • Phillip Bressoud, medicine
  • Deborah Davis, pediatrics
  • Rawhi Omar, pathology and laboratory medicine
  • Craig Roberts, orthopaedic surgery
  • Lonnie Sears, pediatrics
  • Thomas Stephen, pediatrics
  • Jerry Tolson, academic and professional studies



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