Selfie Wall Mural Space
Selfie Wall Mural Space

Campus is about to get more artful.

Last year, University of Louisville officials began an expansion and renovation of the 28-year-old Swain Student Activities Center (SAC), offering students more than 112,000 square feet of additional or renovated dining, retail, meeting and office space.

As part of that project, there will be a new campus visitor space in the SAC – the Herman and Heddy Kurz Visitors Room – where potential students will meet admissions officials, pick up campus information and embark on campus tours. For many potential students and their families, this space will be their first impression of UofL.

Project directors envision placing two murals on walls there that creatively represent UofL’s personality and traditions, while generating a sense of pride and excitement.

UofL is issuing a request for submissions for mural concepts from the creative minds who know the institution best: our own. Artists and designers who work at UofL, are currently enrolled or have graduated from UofL are encouraged to submit concept proposals. 

“We hope to highlight the talent and creativity of our alumni working within the fields of art and design and bolster ties to the community,” said Kim Butterweck, director of communication initiatives. “If designed by UofL students or alumni, then the murals become an interesting talking point for our tour guides. Our hope is the campus visit area in the SAC becomes one of UofL’s most unique and often-photographed spots on campus, while also contributing to our city’s public art offerings.”

One goal is to harness the power of social media with one of the murals. It’s envisioned as a ‘selfie wall’ – a backdrop that will inspire students and potential students to take their photos and proudly share them to their social media accounts.

As currently conceived, the two interior murals will be two-dimensional and printed on vinyl, with UofL vendors handling installation. However, project directors are open to other, more innovative types of murals, installations or materials that achieve project goals.

If interested in submitting a concept, click here to request the official Request for Submissions, which contains additional project information and guidelines. The project is a paid opportunity. 

Lounge area mural space
Lounge area mural space
Niki King
Niki King Jones is positive she has the best job at the University of Louisville, serving the communication needs of the departments of fine arts and theatre, the School of Music, University Libraries and Alumni – all the fun, creative stuff. Before coming to UofL in 2015, Niki held communication positions in both private and nonprofit sectors in Louisville, Ky., including at Heaven Hill Distilleries and the Jewish Community of Louisville. For 10 years prior, she was a reporter at various newspapers across the country, most recently The Courier-Journal. Niki graduated from the University of Memphis with a BA in journalism and has a masters degree in community and leadership development from the University of Kentucky.