University of Louisville Alumna Deedee Cummings (’98, ’04) believes literacy is a fundamental human right. As the author of 11 diverse picture books, poetry books and workbooks, she knows people who read develop deeper empathy for one another.

She recently gained national headlines for a very special Christmas book, written with her very own children in mind.

“As a mom, I could not find a story about Santa that featured a main character who looked like my own kids,” Cummings said in a press release issued by Blue Cottage Agency. “After much research, ‘In The Nick of Time’ is quite possibly the first published book where a little brown boy helps Santa Claus save Christmas.”

University of Louisville Alumna Deedee Cummings
University of Louisville Alumna Deedee Cummings

Cummings is extremely involved in community service and often presents stories that reflect the lives of those often not portrayed in the media.

“It is so important for my children to also feel special and wanted and needed, and like Santa could trust or call on them too,” Cummings said. “This story is beautiful and filled with messages all children need to hear about poverty, gratitude and service to others.”

Cummings encourages the children she works with to write as a way to process emotions and express themselves. She has presented on multiple topics around the country, promotes reading through various programs, and founded the Louisville Book Festival.

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