UofL/UK collaboration to bring better dental care to the state’s children


    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Federal and state grants announced today by Governor Beshear’s office will lead to better dental care for the children of Kentucky. Part of the funding will go to University of Louisville and University of Kentucky to develop a curriculum that teaches practicing general dentists competencies in treating young children. Curriculum components will involve seminars, web-based modules and clinical observation.

    “This is a great opportunity for both of the state’s major dental schools to collaborate in an effort to bring better oral health care to Kentucky’s children,” said UofL School of Dentistry Dean John Sauk.

    Cavities are the most common infections in children today. There are not enough pediatric dentists in Kentucky to meet their dental needs.

    “Treating children is very different than treating adults,” said UofL School of Dentistry Postdoctoral Pediatric Dentistry Director Ann Greenwell. “Part of the training involves changing the behavior of parents and guardians to feed their child a proper diet, to teach their child proper brushing techniques and to seek dental treatment in a timely manner.”