UofL earns $848,000 grant to expand military program at Fort Knox Organizers say ‘cognitive dominance’ is key to a stronger military

    Participants in the CFDC course met on the Belknap Campus in June, 2016.

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The University of Louisville’s College of Education and Human Development has been awarded an $848,000 grant from the U.S. Department for Defense for a Fort Knox-based training program aimed at boosting the skills of college-level educators who train soldiers.

    A total of 366 educators—mostly military science instructors for ROTC programs—will complete the program this summer.

    UofL presented the U.S. Army with a model of learning that draws from proven tactics in education theory and practice. CEHD professor and chair Jeffrey Sun, who is spearheading the Cadre and Faculty Development Course, said the grant is designated as a pilot project.

    Sun said the Army wants to revamp its ROTC program to provide tomorrow’s soldiers with a holistic education.

    “The future of war and battle is not only through physical fighting but through cognitive dominance,” Sun said. “Skills like creative solutions, problem solving and leadership are more important than ever.”

    The CEHD kicked off a preliminary version of the program in 2015 through its Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development Department. Administrators used feedback from 82 participants to hone the curriculum. Sun said course content leans heavily toward team-based learning and use of technology instead of traditional lectures.

    Capt. David Edwards, who teaches military science at University of Houston, took part in the program this summer. “Sometimes I felt like that teacher in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ where he says ‘Anyone? Anyone?’” said Edwards during a June visit to the Belknap Campus. “I like learning about strategies so I can keep students engaged.”

    For more information, contact Sun at Jeffrey.sun@louisville.edu


    Cindy Hess
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