‘The Purple Book’ guide to vaccines now available as app

    Known as a go-to resource for health care providers, UofL pediatrics professor Gary Marshall's "The Vaccine Handbook" is now available as an app.
    Gary Marshall, M.D.
    Gary Marshall, M.D.

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A University of Louisville pediatrician’s comprehensive guide to vaccines known as the standard in the profession is now available as an app.

    The fifth and current edition of The Vaccine Handbook: A Practical Guide for Cliniciansalso known as “The Purple Book” for the color of its cover in hard-copy form – has been developed as an app for iOS devices. The guide’s author is Gary S. Marshall, M.D., a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at UofL who practices with UofL Physicians-Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

    The Vaccine Handbook app has been updated with the latest immunization schedules and recommendations, Marshall said. The app enhances the print version by including functionality features such as keyword search, internal links, bookmarking, quick access to schedules and tables, hyperlinks to external sources and the ability to make real-time updates.

    Published by Professional Communications Inc., The Vaccine Handbook has long been known as the authoritative, user-friendly guide to immunizations. Designed for all health care providers, the guide contains practical advice and background on vaccine program infrastructure, standards and regulations, business aspects of vaccine practice, general recommendations, schedules, special circumstances and how to address the concerns of parents and patients. Specific information about vaccine-preventable diseases, the rationale for vaccine use, and available products also are included.

    “We are so excited to make this resource available to any provider who wants it,” Marshall said. “Immunizations are one of our greatest public health triumphs. The more useful and credible information that providers have at hand – and in the case of an app, it literally is – the more vaccine-preventable diseases will become a distant memory.”

    The app is free to users. It is available in the App Store through a collaboration between the publisher and Sanofi Pasteur; registration as well as reporting under Open Payments is required.

    Jill Scoggins is Director of Communications at UofL's Louis D. Brandeis School of Law. She has been at UofL since 2010.