Teacher training program will use ‘clinical’ model


    LOUISVILLE, Ky. –The University of Louisville’s College of Education and Human Development is launching a teacher training model at Westport Middle School that takes its cues from the health care industry.

    Called a “clinical teacher model” because it resembles the way medical doctors are trained, the program matches student teachers with experienced teachers as they work together to diagnose learning problems, come up with treatment plans and continually assess how the treatment is working.

    The program begins this fall at Westport Middle School, 8100 Westport Road, and was funded by a $500,000 grant from the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. UofL is one of three Kentucky universities that received CPE funding to launch a clinical teacher training model.

    Harrie Buecker, who directs the educator development and clinical practice program for the College of Education and Human Development and is the principal investigator for the grant, said the college is already using the clinical approach at three elementary schools but Westport will be its first middle school.

    “Many of Westport’s students are coming from Atkinson Elementary, where we already have a clinical program,” Buecker said. “That means Westport students will continue to benefit from having UofL student teachers on site for three more years before those students go on to high school. It’s also great for our college students because it opens the door for those majoring in middle education areas to participate in the clinical training model.”

    Buecker said the intensive training program also emphasizes content literacy, critical thinking, inquiry and problem-solving skills.

    Westport Middle is a UofL Signature Partnership affiliate school.

    Cindy Hess
    Cindy Hess has more than 30 years of experience in communications, marketing and investor relations, including more than a decade at UofL. She is "sort of" retired but happy to come back to the Office of Communications and Marketing to help with special projects and assignments.