Program lets people trade cars for bikes


    LOUISVILLE, Ky.—University of Louisville students and employees who give up their campus parking permits for two years will be eligible to get a big discount on the cost of a new bike.

    UofL is offering the deal for the first time this fall through Earn-A-Bike, a program aimed at reducing the university’s carbon footprint, said Justin Mog, assistant to the provost for sustainability initiatives.

    Students, faculty and staff who agree to do without a parking permit for the next two years will be eligible to receive a $400 voucher toward a new bicycle, helmet and other bike-related products and services, Mog said. The vouchers can be redeemed at any of three local bike businesses.

    “We hope this will provide another reason for folks at UofL to think outside the car,” Mog said. “Besides reducing pollution and traffic congestion, we want to change mindsets. We want to reward people for doing the right thing, encourage them to be more active and save them money on parking and gas.“

    Employees and students who occasionally need a car can take advantage of a new car sharing program at UofL, WeCar by Enterprise, set to begin in August. The program allows people at UofL who are 18 or older to rent a vehicle without having to leave campus.