HSC and Shelby campuses are open and operating on regular schedule. All dental clinic patient appointments are canceled. 

Due to a lack of water pressure, many buildings on the Belknap campus are without air conditioning, which led administrators to cancel classes and closes offices Tuesday. 

Belknap Campus received only minor damage when the 48-inch main broke at about 6 p.m. Monday. Brook and Floyd Streets were flooded, as was part of Warnock. Viaducts under Eastern Parkway and on Brandeis Avenue were filled with water.

The McDonald’s soccer fields on the corner of Floyd and Warnock were submerged, and steps leading from Eastern Parkway to the tennis center were washed away. Physical Plant employees estimated one to two inches of water in the Studio Arts/HPES Building. 

Still, the flooding caused other damage and concerns. Louisville Fire and Rescue helped several people out of the Studio Arts Building, and cars on Floyd and Brook streets and in the tennis center lot received water damage.

By 9:30 p.m., the water had begun to recede.