As much as these titles describe and apply to the work that happens at the University of Louisville, they don’t get to the essence of what makes UofL unique — its people.

Once or twice a month, UofL Today profiles people who help to make the university what it is. This week get to know Vice President Larry Owsley — In Person.

Name: Larry Owsley

UofL title and department: Vice President for Business Affairs

At UofL since: June 1983

Hometown: Long Grove, a farming community in Hardin County, Ky.

First job and what I learned from it: Growing up on a dairy farm, I had many chores at a young age. One was the daily cleaning of the milking shed. From that I realized I should broaden my horizons a bit.

The thing I like most about what I do: UofL is making a huge contribution to the future of Louisville and Kentucky. It has been great having the opportunity to see the university grow and excel over the years. It is exciting to be involved.

I am: a first-time grandpa with a new grandson, Lincoln.

I never: tire of reading a good biography or history book.

Guilty pleasure: “Cheeseburgers in Paradise,” especially along Front Street in Lahaina, Maui.

Favorite book: I enjoy all of Wendall Berry’s books but my favorite is “The Memory of Old Jack.”

Favorite TV show: “The Colbert Report,” which I watch while exercising on my elliptical machine.

In the car I listen to: WFPL or WUOL

Favorite quote: “When you see something wrong, do something about it. Just complaining is destructive and counterproductive.” That’s the pointed advice I received in 1974 from my Berkeley graduate school mentor, Dr. Bob Biller. It has served me well on many occasions over the years.

These animals share my world: Belknap Campus squirrels, Prospect deer, and the large flocks of migrating Sandhill Cranes in Hardin County each fall and spring.

My day begins: reaching for my mobile phone to see what has arrived from cyberspace overnight.

I wish I had more time to: be away from my mobile phone.

When I’m not cheering for the Cards, I’m cheering for: Is there really anyone else to cheer for?

Most Friday nights you’ll find me: at The Baxter, Village 8 or Tinseltown with my wife and best friend, Lois.

If my life were a movie: It would have recurring scenes of floods, hurricane winds, ice storms, earthquakes, tornadoes — with Oscar award-winning performances by Physical Plant heroes.

Anything else you’d like the UofL community to know: Lois and I have been married for nearly 42 years. We are the proud parents of two children. David and his wife, Rachel, are attorneys at Stites and Harbison in Louisville. Sara and her husband, Sanjay, live in Claremont, Calif., with Lincoln. Sara teaches computer science at Pomona College and Sanjay is an AT&T executive. It has been a fun journey so far!