Tab Langis, graduate student, music:

I am a grad student and vet at UofL.

All of us vets, and those currently serving have given a blank check to those we serve. This check is written with the knowledge that the amount due may include our very lives. We do this because what we serve for is worth the price. Our country, liberties, and freedom are worth the bloodshed. While many serve for education benefits or family obligations, in the end there is a core belief that what we do is worth the ultimate price. (or we wouldn’t do it).

As they say in my native state: Live Free or Die! As misguided as our government can be, I wouldn’t trade it for any other kind. Freedom to do as we please – even the freedom to fail, is worth any price written on the blank check.

Peter P Rowell, pharmacology:Peter

Having served as a platoon leader with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam in 1970 and having witnessed devastating and life-altering injuries as well as the loss of close friends to combat (in particular Steven Smith, 5/15/47 – 9/21/70), I understand more deeply than our recent past president that entering into a war, such as the unprovoked attack on Iraq, must be taken only after careful consideration as a last resort in the gravest and most extreme circumstances.

The lives or our service and support personnel, the international reputation of our country, and the treasure of our nation are put at grave risk, and the consequences of such an act can have consequences which affect our families and our country for generations.

Martin Steiner, oral and maxillofaxcial surgery:Dr.

Being a veteran of WW2, Korea and Vietnam, I wish all the best of to our current serving.



Doug Wilson, dental clinic:

I am a Viet Nam era vet that served in Thailand with the 442nd Signal Battalion. I wish to give a shout out and thank you to ALL veterans, young and old, alive or deceased. No matter what war or conflict we are the reason we are still free. As has been stated many times: Freedom is not Free!

Larry Burton, Belknap Physical Plant:Larry

I was in during the Vietnam era but my time was spent watching out for the other side of the world! I cherish the memories and I am glad to have been a part of such a fine and noble institution that continues to keep us and our allies safe from oppression!

I salute those before me,those who served with me,and those who are currently serving!

Troy L. Nukes. United States Marine Corps, anatomical sciences/neurobiology: