The students are the third group of 10 to enter UofL through a premier scholarship and educational enrichment program for high-achieving students that the James Graham Brown Foundation established in 2009. The program also funds 10 students each year at Centre College in Danville, Ky.

Brown Fellows receive an enhanced academic experience that includes individual study, field-based experiential learning and community service. Each student works with an on-campus program mentor to develop individual leadership projects that incorporate his or her academic and research interests.

UofL wants the very best students, said President James Ramsey, and the Browns Fellows Program helps attract the very best to UofL.

The newest UofL Brown Fellows are:

  • Allison Grant, Harrodsburg, Ky. Proposed project: To organize a “financial fitness” tutoring program for middle- and high-school students. Academic area: biology and possibly a major or minor in American Sign Language.
  • Lukus Guhy, Mayfield, Ky. Proposed project: To develop and raise awareness about alternative forms of energy. Academic area: mechanical or chemical engineering.
  • Atticus Gurley, Taylor Mill, Ky. Proposed project: To raise funds for underprivileged students to purchase books at school book fairs. Academic area: Spanish with a minor in mathematics.
  • Madeleine Loney, Hebron, Ky. Proposed project: To teach English to children and adults from homes where English is not the first language. Academic area: psychology and sociology with a minor in Italian.
  • Billy Menkhaus, Edgewood, Ky. Proposed project: To collaborate in the design of efficient and cost-effective water purification systems. Academic area: bioengineering or mechanical engineering with a minor in Spanish.
  • Jacqueline Orth, Plano, Texas. Proposed project: To start an elementary school tutoring program. Academic area: electrical engineering with a minor in Chinese studies.
  • Caleb Sheehan, Harrodsburg, Ky. Proposed project: Preservation and restoration of the American chestnut tree. Academic area: computer engineering.
  • Nathalie Tapolsky, Louisville. Proposed project: To start a program to educating middle- and high-school students about body image issues. Academic area: bioengineering with a French minor.
  • Rachael Thomas, Hopkinsville, Ky. Proposed project: To teach basic health precautions and water sanitation methods in El Salvador. Academic area: biology with a minor in Spanish.
  • Ethan Tomlinson, Louisville. Proposed project: To raise community awareness about the value of service dogs. Academic area: biology and Spanish.