The Boil Water Advisory issued Monday night has been lifted for HSC and most of Belknap campus. Areas still under a boil water advisory include Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium, Jim Patterson Stadium, the football complex and Cardinal Station.

The boil water advisory came after a Monday evening water main break near the Bass-Rudd Tennis Center that shut down Belknap Campus.

The university has issued the following instructions for dealing with a boil water advisory and its aftermath: 

  • Do not use ice from ice machines. Dispose of ice so it is not inadvertently consumed.  You cannot tell by looking which cubes are safe. Also do not use water in coffee pots or from water fountains during the boil water advisory. Ice machines should be emptied and disinfected according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Disinfect ice and water containers that may have come into contact with water during the advisory.  No need to use anything special; just wash with soap and water the same as with usual dish washing.
  • Water filters may be helpful, but they are not all alike. Follow manufacturer recommendations for situations such as this.  Do not assume water is safe to drink just because a filter has been used. Once the advisory is lifted, let ice machines run through at least 2 complete cycles and discard the ice.  Disinfect the container again.
  • Turn on all faucets and let run for 5-10 minutes to clear all water lines.  If water is not clear in appearance, continue to run until it is. Remember to flush water fountains too until the water is clear. Normally 2-3 minutes should do it since water lines in these units are shorter.


For questions about home situations:

  • Do the same activities noted above for ice makers and ice chests.
  • If water is discolored, it is best to avoid using it for drinking or cooking, even if boiled per health department instructions. 
  • Bathing and tooth brushing can be done as usual.  Do not swallow water used during tooth brushing.  Swishing is OK, but minimize, especially if water is discolored. 
  • Clothes washing can continue without safety concerns, but water that is discolored may cause problems with some pieces of clothing.  Run an empty load when the advisory is lifted, then continue clothes washing as normal. 
  • Wait until the advisory is lifted before using your dishwasher. You can still rinse dishes in preparation for washing.