• $308,000 to Nolan Boyd, assistant professor of surgery in the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, for his work on microvascular repair. The goal of his research is to develop new cardiovascular regenerative medicine strategies through the study of various cells. The grant will go through 2015.
  • $132,000 to Paras Mishra, assistant professor of physiology and biophysics in the School of Medicine, to further his work to determine why the chance of heart failure increases in diabetic patients and how microRNAs regulate it. The grant will go through 2013.
  • $132,000 to Shahid Baba, instructor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine of the Department of Medicine, who will study the heart relating to left ventricular hypertrophy with the goal of developing new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of heart failure. The grant will go through 2013.
  • $88,000 to Rosendo Estrada, postdoctoral research associate in bioengineering in the Speed School of Engineering, for his study of the effects of fluid flow patterns and how they relate to atherosclerosis, a vascular disease that results in the thickening of the arterial wall. The grant will go through 2013.

UofL has received a total of $1.63 million in ongoing cardiovascular research grants from AHA.