The University of Louisville Police Department has a tip sheet for students, faculty and staff to remain safe.
Crime on campus has decreased thanks to ULPD's quick interventions and upgrades to surveillance technology.

As a new academic year begins, car and pedestrian traffic multiplies and, with it, safety issues can rise.

The University of Louisville Police Department reminds faculty, staff, and students that there are plenty of simple actions everyone can take to reduce the chances of being the victim of a crime and to make walking, biking, or driving in traffic a safer experience.

Here are 10 tips from ULPD: 

  • Call 911 for all emergencies needing Police, Fire or EMS.
  • If you see something, say something. We need your help keeping our campus safe. Call the University Police at 852-6111 to report suspicious activity. 
  • Sign up for the Rave Guardian Safety app and Rave text alerts. Details are available online
  • Use the L-Trail. Walk in groups or pairs. Stop and look before crossing any street or parking lot. Don’t be too consumed with your cell phone to be unaware of your surroundings.
  • Use the shuttle system. Use the ULPD campus escorts, available between dusk and dawn, at 852-6111.
  • Be responsible for yourself and your belongings. Do not meet any unknown individual on or off campus to purchase or retrieve items. Always maintain control of your purse, backpack, laptop, cell phone and wallet. Remember that alcohol and drugs impair
    your system and leave you vulnerable to others and crime.
  • Always lock your vehicle. Don’t leave items in view within your car.
    Store important valuables in the trunk or another secure location.
  • Always lock your housing unit’s or office’s doors and windows. Know who is at the door before opening. Do not allow unapproved visitors into a locked building.
  • If you’re riding a bicycle, be diligent about pedestrians and obey all traffic laws. Always lock your bicycle to a designated rack with a secure lock (we recommend a “U” lock).
  • If you’re driving a vehicle, be extra considerate of pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles. Remember that alcohol and drugs impair your system – plus, driving under the influence, no matter what the distance or time, is a serious crime.

More safety resources, including programs and classes offered by the ULPD, are available online

Alicia Kelso
Alicia Kelso is the director of social media and digital content. She joined UofL in 2015 as director of communications at the Brandeis School of Law. She also serves as a senior contributor at, writing about the restaurant industry, which she has covered since 2010. Her work has been featured in publications around the world, including NPR, Bloomberg, The Seattle Times, Good Morning America and Franchise Asia Magazine.