Blake Cummins, UofL 2020 graduate
Blake Cummins, UofL 2020 graduate

Blake Cummins is a member of UofL’s class of 2020, one of five graduates who are part of the PACT (Providing Access to Community Transition) Program. 

PACT is a partnership between UofL and JCPS that helps students aged 18 to 21 with moderate disabilities engage in a true, on-campus experience. Blake, who has Down syndrome, was able to achieve this milestone thanks to the help of a vast support system. 

Included in that support system are Renee Scott, who leads the PACT Program, and instructors Charles Craycroft and June Demus. 

There are others on Blake’s team, as well, including Lauren Chamberlain, who works with Team Inspire to connect young adults with disabilities to local athletic teams. 

“[Blake] truly embodies a student with the drive to succeed and love what you do at the same time and I think that is really special,” Chamberlain said. 

Blake is one of five graduates from the program this spring. Check out his story below: