Anna Bussabarger
Anna Bussabarger

Making connections across linguistic and geographical barriers gives Anna Bussabarger her purpose.

“Our world is becoming more inter-connected,” she said. “By learning another language, you unlock the ability to meet and understand others outside your native language.”

Bussabarger has earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing. Numerous dual credit courses from high school, along with heavy course loads most semesters made it possible for her to complete two undergraduate degrees in four years.

This high-achiever now sets out on a new adventure to extend her education in Salamanca, Spain. As a recipient of the Modern Languages Fund Award through UofL’s Department of Classical and Modern Languages, she will engage in a summer immersion experience “which is the next necessary step for me to grow my second language proficiency,” Bussabarger explained.

The scholarship pays the entire cost of the one-month program, making it possible for her to participate.  

“I’ve spent years reading about the culture and dreaming, but that’s nothing like living and getting to experience life outside of what’s familiar to me,” she said.

When she returns from Spain, Bussabarger hopes to apply her Spanish language skills to roles in marketing strategy or brand management, ultimately working in an international marketing department at a large corporation.

“UofL really set me up for success from multiple vantage points,” she said. “All of my amazing professors have really rooted for me and cared about my growth, something you don’t hear about from other large institutions.”