Members of the LIAM graduating class of 2022
Members of the LIAM graduating class of 2022

LIAM, a program designed to help UofL faculty members cultivate leadership and innovation skills, graduated its fifth class, bringing the number of individuals who have completed the program to 143.

Over its five-year history, the program has increased the population of leadership-prepared faculty members across both campuses. LIAM graduates have moved on to accept leadership positions at UofL, including Russ Farmer, assistant dean – clinical skills and medical director of the Paris Simulation Center in the School of Medicine; Susan Ryan, associate dean for faculty affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences; Brandon McCormack, director of the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research; Doug Craddock Jr., vice president of community engagement and chief of staff to the executive vice president and university provost; and Jeff Guan, who recently was named interim dean of the College of Business.

The mission of LIAM is to develop the next generation of leaders at UofL by teaching them the skills needed first to lead themselves, then lead with others and finally, lead an organization. Faculty members enroll in an 11-month training program that includes regular discussions and capstone team projects.

“Leadership is a set of skills that you can practice. It’s not something you are born with or not born with, but there is a set of definable skills, and with any skill, if you practice it, you get better at it,” said Gerard Rabalais, who developed and directs the LIAM program with Staci Saner.

LIAM Awards 2022
LIAM Awards 2022

Originally created for School of Medicine faculty and named Leadership and Innovation in Academic Medicine, LIAM quickly expanded to include faculty members from across the university as well as staff from UofL Health. Reflecting this broader scope, the program has been renamed Leadership and Innovation in Academics Matter.

The LIAM class of 2022, listed below, includes 46 faculty members from HSC and Belknap campuses and UofL Health.

LIAM graduating class (2022):

Cara Cashon, Arts & Sciences

David Schultz, Arts & Sciences

Michael Losavio, Arts & Sciences

Michael Menze, Arts & Sciences

Sherri Wallace, Arts & Sciences

Thomas Edison, Arts & Sciences

Daniela Terson de Paleville, Education and Human Development

Gianina Fink, Education and Human Development

Laurie Dawn McCubbin, Education and Human Development

Samantha Walte, Education and Human Development

Stefanie Wooten Burnett, Education and Human Development

Jeff Guan, Business

Jose Fernandez, Business

Michael Wade, Business

Robert Garrett Jr., Business

Zachary Goldman, Business

Brittney Richardson, Medicine

Cindy Crabtree, Medicine

Erin Davis, Medicine

Hannah Fischer, Medicine

Jessica Kline, Medicine

Katherine Pohlgeers, Medicine

Katie Canalichio, Medicine

Katrina Erickson, Medicine

Keri Marques, Medicine

Marcie Cole, Medicine

Marx de Sa, Medicine

Mary McClanahan, Medicine

Matthew Lawrenz, Medicine

Mohiuddin Hadi, Medicine

Nana Yaw Ohene Baah, Medicine

Natalie Henderson, Medicine

Ronald Morton, Medicine

Stacy Lenger, Medicine

Rebecca Gesler, Nursing

Dongfeng Wu, Public Health and Information Sciences

Shesh Rai, Public Health and Information Sciences

Christina John, UofL Physicians

Cindy Lucchese, UofL Physicians

M Renae Gagnon, UofL Physicians

Mariam Traore, UofL Physicians

Zachary Bostock, UofL Physicians

Adam Hall, Dentistry

Alia Eldairi, Dentistry

Breacya Washington, Dentistry

Pin-Chuang Lai, Dentistry

The 45-member LIAM class of 2023 also has been announced and is listed below.

LIAM incoming class (2023):

Kristi King, Education and Human Development

Justin McFadden, Education and Human Development

Dylan Naeger, Education and Human Development

Ashley Shelton, Education and Human Development

Eduardo Antunes Bortoluzzi, Dentistry

Grace De Souza, Dentistry

Timothy Followell, Dentistry

Liliana Rozo (Gaeth), Dentistry

Hammam Al Makadma, Medicine

Tracy Ander, Medicine

Forest Arnold, Medicine

Virginia Barbosa, Medicine

Michael Chorney, Medicine

Samantha Cotton, Medicine

Dale Ding, Medicine

Susan Harkema, Medicine

Lauren Herrmann, Medicine

Gagandeep Kaur, Medicine

Jerry Lin, Medicine

Wei Liu, Medicine

Jonathan Newsom, Medicine

Siddharth Pahwa, Medicine

Adriana Palade, Medicine

Melissa Perrotta, Medicine

Ryan Shapiro, Medicine

Caitlin Thomas, Medicine

Nelleke van Wouwe, Medicine

Nagma Zafar, Medicine

Jian Zheng, Medicine

Lynn Roser, Nursing

Andrew Scott LaJoie, Public Health and Information Sciences

Tina Vandergriff, UofL Hospital

Abbey Roach, UofL Hospital

Amy Capps, UofL Hospital

Aundrea Lewis, UofL Hospital

Kim Wilson, UofL Hospital

Brandi Meyer, UofL Hospital

Erzsi Sleder, UofL Hospital

Rachel Riggs, UofL Hospital

Fay Knott, UofL Physicians

Mindy Sherman, UofL Physicians

Susi Gillis, UofL Physicians

Westley Covington, UofL Physicians

Sherri Ryan, UofL Physicians

Jamieson Forristal, UofL Physicians