Laurie Pardieu
Laurie Pardieu

During last month’s Heart Walk, Laurie Pardieu, program coordinator senior in the College of Business’ Graduate Programs Office, was named the Lifestyle Change Award winner by the American Heart Association. The award is presented annually to someone who has demonstrated significant changes to improve their overall health.

Like other winners, Pardieu is tasked with helping the American Heart Association educate others on how to make similar lifestyle changes with the ultimate goal of improving everyone’s cardiovascular health. 

Pardieu began her journey to change her life because of her family history of heart disease. 

“The goal was simply to live longer. A change was necessary to my well being,” she said. “I lost a brother and a father, so i don’t view this as a choice — it’s a requirement. This award of recognition was amazing to me because it was a reminder that I’m making the right choices in my goal to live longer.”

Those changes began with implementing a regular exercise routine. She received personal training three times a week at Get Healthy Now. After nine months of personal training, she began to incorporate healthy eating habits. 

Since January 2018, Pardieu has lost 33 pounds. 

“I am continuing this regimen and the Get Healthy team has been with me every step of the way and has kept me motivated,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them. My drive, determination and support from Get Healthy Now definitely got me where I am today.” 

In addition to maintaining her current workout schedule, her next goal is to add one group class per week. 

“I want to continue improving …” she said. Her ultimate dream is to retire healthy and travel. 

Because of her efforts, and well before the American Heart Association’s recognition, Pardieu was named Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month in April. She is a 16-year employee of UofL. 


Alicia Kelso
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