Campus Health Services is now carrying Bexsero, a Meningitis B immunization approved by the FDA in early 2015.

Meningitis B was responsible for several meningitis disease outbreaks on college campuses in the U.S. within the past two years.

The other meningitis vaccines (Menveo and Menactra), which many students have already received, do not cover the B-strain of the meningitis bacteria which caused these recent outbreaks.

The CDC has stated that Bexsero may be given to prevent meningitis B  disease for persons 16-23 years of age. Bexsero is a two-shot series that is covered by most private insurers and the Vaccines for Children program as a preventive vaccine under the Affordable Care Act.

Talk to your primary care provider or Campus Health Services if you are interested in receiving this vaccine.

To make an appointment for the vaccine, call Campus Health: Belknap- 852-6479 or HSC-852-6446.