Joe. Java. Bean juice. Liquid energy.

Whatever you call it, you have to have it – and coffee addicts everywhere will go berserk for a new brand that started right here in Louisville.

UofL alum Bland Matthews (’96) created Berserker Brew with a specific vision: engineer smooth, non-bitter coffee with no empty calories, added sugar, or chemicals. Although originally designed with athletes in mind, Berserker Brew is fit for any coffee-lover aiming for a healthier lifestyle.

“People don’t think about how coffee impacts their training and their ability to heal. It’s all about knowledge and about understanding,” Matthews said. “No one has really talked to athletes before about coffee, about its health benefits, and why they should drink organic coffee.”

Matthews, who graduated with a degree in Political Science from the College of Arts and Sciences, started Berserker Brew in 2017 with the intention to be organic and fair trade. With 100% organic beans and omni-degradable packaging, Berserker Brew leaves an ecological footprint much smaller than the footprint of larger coffee corporations.

“People want me to sell non-organic coffee because it’s cheaper and I could make more profit, but I’m not in it for that,” said Matthews. “I don’t want to substitute the quality of the Berserker Brew experience just for more money.”

Matthews understands the importance of having a solid brand after 20 years of management experience at UPS. With customers in 35 states and three countries, he hopes to solidify partnerships with big racing events like Ironman and the Ragnar Relay Series as Berserker Brew continues to grow.

“When I created Berserker Brew, I had a global view that I wanted a clean, beautiful coffee flavor with an aroma that blows up when you roast it and you smell that wonderful smell of coffee,” said Matthews. “It’s the perfect coffee.”

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