Space heaters are not intended to heat the entire room but rather radiate onto the user. Place heaters no closer than 36” from any objects and do not leave unattended. Do not place under desks while in use.

If while using a space heater the electrical breaker trips interrupting the power supply, please report the problem to Physical Plant 852-8192. Continuing to overload an outlet could result in an unintended fire should the breaker safety function fail to interrupt the electrical power supply to the appliance. Please disconnect the space heater daily before leaving. Space heaters should not be left on overnight to assist with maintaining room temperatures.

Space heaters should be plugged directly into the wall without the use of an extension cord. If a separate outlet does not exist for the heater, or if the heater cord feels hot to touch, discontinue its use and contact Physical Plant 852-8192 or the Office of the University Fire Marshal at 852-3473 for an inspection.

The University shall strive to maintain room temperatures as follows:

            During Heating Season
            Occupied Hours 66-72 Degrees Fahrenheit
            Unoccupied Hours 55-65 Degrees Fahrenheit

            During Cooling Season
            Occupied Hours 74-78 Degrees Fahrenheit
            Unoccupied Hours 78-85 Degrees Fahrenheit


Failure to adhere to these policy guidelines may result in use restrictions of space heaters in your area. 

For addition information regarding space heater guidelines and policies please contact Dwain Archer 852-3473 or visit:  www.http/