• Egress (exit) hallways and stairs should have enough light to negotiate safe passage at all times. 
  • To avoid fires, electrical power cords should not be extended between door jambs, above acoustics ceiling tiles or beneath floor carpets.
  • Inspect electric cords periodically to detect frayed, pinched or damaged wire or plugs. Report damaged outlets to Physical Plant for repair. Discontinue use of all defective electrical equipment immediately. Avoid laying electrical equipment on wet surfaces to prevent shock hazards.
  • Avoid decorating more than 25 percent of doors and/or walls with combustible items.
  • Avoid wrapping stair banisters with electric lights or decorations that will prevent users from gripping them firmly and create possible trip hazards.
  • Avoid decorating public hallway exit doors and ceilings.
  • Do not bring decorative or scented candles with wicks intact to campus. They are prohibited.
  • Cut Christmas trees, hay, straw and other dried vegetation are not allowed inside university buildings.
  • Use electrical equipment that bears the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or an approved test laboratory label.

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