They are taking part in the 11th Posters-at-the-Capitol event, a program that includes all state universities and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

“Posters-at-the-Capitol is a wonderful event that provides our students opportunity to showcase their innovative research findings and to share them with everyone, but especially with the legislative and administrative officials of our commonwealth,” said William Pierce, executive vice president for research and innovation. “Their creative research and innovation is a clear demonstration that the investment of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the education and research efforts of its students propels Kentucky forward and provides new opportunity for all.”

These UofL undergraduate students (listed with their faculty mentors) will participate:

  • Jordan Marie Andrew, “Examining Vitamin D in Latino Patients: A Chart Review”; mentor Sara Kowalczyk, nursing
  • Jacob Bell, “DHEA Stimulates miR-21 Expression in Breast Cancer Cells”; mentor Carolyn Klinge, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Albert Bolander, “A Jet Ratio Method for Measuring the Strong Coupling Constant”; mentor David Brown, physics
  • Ben James, “Retinal Dysfunction in the Trpm1/Tvrm27 Genotype: A New Animal Model of Congenital Stationary Night Blindness”; mentor Maureen McCall, ophthalmology and visual sciences
  • James Jones, “Ribosomal Biogenesis and Neurite Outgrowth”; mentors Michal Hetman and Lukasz Somnicki, neurological surgery
  • Amber Kelly, Ashley McCorkle and Marilyn Feil, “Stress Signaling Pathways Regulated by Chromium Compounds”; mentor Alan Cheng, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Lisa Kenney, “The Relationship of Depression and Anxiety to Diabetes Self-Management in Men: A Review of the Literature”; mentor Diane Chlebowy, nursing
  • Carmen Miralda, “Zeolitic Imidazole Framework-8 Catalysts in the Conversion of CO2 to Chloropropene Carbonate”; mentor Moises Carreon, chemical engineering,
  • Daniel Murphy, “Environmental Pollutants and Obesity: Effects on Circulating and Bone Marrow Endothelial Progenitor Cells”; mentors Daniel Conkin, Petra Haberzettl, medicine/cardiology and pharmacology/toxicology
  • Natalie Pratt, “Gender Differences in Diabetes Self-Management among Urban Hispanic Latino American Adults: A Pilot Study”; mentor Diane Chlebowy, nursing
  • Sean Spille, “The Dual Health Crises of Chronic Disease and Health-Risk Behaviors in Kentucky: Self-Care Practices and Diabetes Knowledge Scores among Smokers and Non-smokers”; mentor Barbara Stetson, psychological and brain sciences
  • Tom Wagoner and Katy Newlin, “Gender Differences in a Hormone Related to Obesity”; mentor Joe Steffen, biology