The annual summer undergraduate research poster session.
The annual summer undergraduate research poster session.

Every summer, more than 70 college undergraduate students from across the United States get unique, hands-on experience working with UofL faculty on research projects. The students display the results of their research at the annual summer research poster session.

This year’s projects have included the study of probiotics’ impact on your gut, conspiracies on what happened in the Sandy Hook shooting and the UofL EAT Lab’s research on eating disorders.

 “We want to stress that our undergraduates have access to work that in other places only graduate students get access to,” said Charlie Leonard, a UofL honors program professor. “The best UofL undergraduates are as good as any ivy league or West Coast schools.”

The UofL faculty pushed the undergrads to apply critical thinking and investigative skills to complete important, basic research.  

“I gained a greater appreciation for science and all that the trials and tribulations (researchers) go through to generate such data. It was really great,” said UofL student Orion Rushin.

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