Accounting juniors Robert Muntis and April Hahnert have The Cardshirt Company positioned to raise $25,000 in scholarships for UofL students.

What makes them stand out is TCC is a fully-functioning nonprofit operated solely by UofL business students, complete with its own retail outlet in the basement of the College of Business. In addition to selling to fellow students, the company now supplies non-university clients, with profits earmarked for student scholarships or donated to a charity of the client’s choice. TCC is even sponsoring the CARD Fest outdoor festival – complete with music and local food vendors – to be held at the Red Barn Aug. 29.“Last year we gave about $2,500 in student scholarships and this year are looking to put another zero on that figure,” TCC president Robert Muntis said. “Raising $25,000 may seem ambitious, but because of our expanding customer base and expected high sales at CARD Fest, it’s a completely reachable goal. We’re also going to give out a $1,000 scholarship at the fest, so we’re well on our way.”Faculty advisor and accounting professor Christy Burge believes they can meet that goal, pointing to the fact that TCC has given away over $75,000 in scholarships in the last 10 years.

“It’s amazing when you think about it, for a couple of reasons,” Burge said. “First, this is a completely student-run business, with a lot of turnover and learned experience walking out the door every couple of years. Secondly, these students are donating their time and effort to help others, which says a lot about who these students are and the impact they will have on society as they go forward.”

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Matt Lambert
Matt has served in multiple communications and marketing roles since joining UofL in 2012 and is currently a communications specialist in charge of national media outreach for research and academics. He came to UofL following a successful tenure as the Associate Director of Public Affairs and External Relations at Loyola University New Orleans. In his 20-plus year career in communications, Matt has worked as an award-winning journalist, owned his own political consulting firm and served as a communications director in the U.S. Congress. He is not only employed by UofL, but also a recent graduate, earning his MBA from the College of Business in May 2016.