The combined office is named Student Involvement and consists of what were previously the offices of Student Activities and Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service. Merger and reorganization started about eight months ago and Student Involvement is in its early stages of a rollout campaign.

“We are excited about this change as it benefits UofL students by centralizing the hub of student involvement on campus, allowing for the enhancement of programs and services to student,” said Director Tim Moore.

The Office of Student Involvement “fosters engagement in student-led programs and services that enrich the education experience by maximizing the capacity of students to learn, serve and lead,” according to its new mission statement.

Its program areas include:

  • Sorority and Fraternity Life
  • Student Leadership and Service
  • Student Activities Board
  • Recognized Student Organizations
  • Engage Lead Serve Board
  • Red Barn Programming
  • Off-Campus Student Services
  • SAC Operations
  • Conference Services

Other UofL departments and offices that reference or include links to the old offices of Student Activities and Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service should update those references and links to use the Student Involvement name. The new website address, when launched, will be

For information, call Student Involvement at 852-6691.

Brandy Warren
Brandy Warren is coordinator for marketing and communications in UofL’s Office of Communications and Marketing, where she manages special events and promotes UofL’s Division of Student Affairs. She previously worked at daily newspapers in Kentucky and Alabama.