The senate approved a parental leave policy that increases parental leave for faculty from zero weeks to six weeks and maintains parental leave for staff at 3 weeks, augmented by sick and vacation leave.

The difference between the two leaves is based on the fact that staff have formal sick and vacation leave accruals, while faculty have no such programs. Faculty work on contracts that specify outcomes in teaching, research and service but do not set aside amounts of sick and vacation leave.

The policy also allows staff to take up to three weeks vacation leave in advance if they do not have enough built up before the arrival of a child.

The policy next will go to the Faculty Senate for its endorsement. If approved, it will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

In other action, the Staff Senators elected new chairs for senate committees. Those chairs will be:

  • James Atkinson, Policy and Economic Development Committee
  • Tammy Lawson, Assistance, Morale and Outreach Committee
  • Ginger Brown, Credentials and Nominations Committee
  • Christian Gamm, Staff Grievance Committee
  • Skip Hurley, Services and Facilities Committee

The following senators were elected to university-wide committees:

  • Josh Hardy, Academic Technology Committee
  • Valerie Casey, Alumni Association Committee
  • Mary K. Marlatt and Angela Lewis-Klein, Awards and Designations Committee
  • Caroline Stephens, Bookstore Advisory Committee
  • Bridget Thornberry, Dining Service Advisory Committee
  • Sally Molsberger, Employee Assistance Committee
  • Martin Kramer, Employee Suggestion Committee
  • Ginger Brown, Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • Cynthia Jeffrey, Faculty Senate Academic Programs Committee
  • Paul Detwiler, Faculty Senate Planning and Budget Committee
  • Cathy Carter, Human Resources Advisory Committee
  • Lana Metzler, Non-Academic Grievance Committee
  • Patricia Moon (HSC) and Chad Moore (Belknap), Parking Advisory Committee
  • Davetta Davis (Belknap) and Skip Hurley (HSC), Parking Advisory Committee
  • Kathy Brashear and Doug Wilson, Shared Leave Review Committee
  • Susan Jenkins, Student Government Association
  • Kim Hendricks, University Police Advisory Committee

In previously unreported news, the Senate elected its leadership for 2010-11. Brent Fryrear will return as chair. David James will serve as vice chair, and Dhiane Bradley will be secretary/treasurer.