As much as these titles describe and apply to the work that happens at the University of Louisville, they don’t get to the essence of what makes UofL unique — its people.

Once or twice a month, UofL Today profiles people who help to make the university what it is. This week get to know Staff Senate Chair and police lieutenant David James — In Person.

Name: David A James

UofL title and department: lieutenant, University Police; chair, Staff Senate

At UofL since: May 2008

Hometown: Louisville

First job and what I learned from it: bicycle mechanic at a toy store. Learned how to fix a bicycle, teamwork and the value of a good work ethic.

The thing I like most about what I do: I get to work at the only university in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (joke) and I’m blessed with the opportunity to help people each and every day. It brings me great pride to know I am helping this university by being a team member working towards a common goal of doing my small part of helping the university become a premier metropolitan research university by 2020.

I am: always looking at the glass half full and dripping sunshine.

I never: like to eat chocolate.

Guilty pleasure: Frosted Flakes with strawberry Quick.

Favorite book: “The Eiger Sanction”

Favorite TV show: History or Discovery channels

In the car I listen to: 101.3

Favorite quote: “The weak never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi

These animals share my world: Charlie the world’s greatest lap dog.

My day begins: 6 a.m. grabbing my phone to check for the news overnight.

I wish I had more time to: exercise and spend time with my new wife.

When I’m not cheering for the Cards, I’m cheering for: The Cards.

Most Friday nights you’ll find me: working, serving and protecting the citizens of the community to the best of my ability.

If my life were a movie: Denzel would play the starring role.

Anything else you’d like the UofL community to know: I have a beautiful wife named Michelle, two awesome daughters Jordan 21 and Jessica 25 and a high-energy dog named Charlie and that’s what makes me happiest. The Cards Rock!!!!!!