U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor April 9 regarding the Louisville Cardinals winning the men’s 2013 NCAA National Championship.

“Please allow me a moment to congratulate the Louisville Cardinals for an incredible championship win last night. It was an exciting game, and I know my colleagues from Michigan take great pride in the fact that not just one, but two, of their schools made it to the Sweet 16 this year. But you know, we Americans, we really love a story about someone getting knocked down and picking themselves right back up again. That’s why it was such a great moment to see Kevin Ware cut the net last night. They had to lower the net a bit, as I’m sure it’s a bit hard to climb up a ladder with a cast on his right leg, but let me just say this to him and to the entire University of Louisville, my undergraduate alma mater *#8212; well done, you’ve really made your state proud.”

McConnell made these remarks on the Senate floor April 10 regarding the Louisville Cardinals women’s basketball team.

“Yesterday I was proud to congratulate Coach Pitino and the Louisville men”s basketball team for an impressive national championship win. And today, I would like to recognize Coach Walz and the Lady Cardinals for playing their hearts out last night. You know, these women were the lowest-seeded team to make it all the way to the title game in decades — that’s a big achievement. So my sincere congratulations to you, Lady Cards, keep up the hustle for next year’s tournament — and, to the Huskies, congratulations on your hard-fought victory last night. You earned it.”