The Student Activities Center was filled with booths of every description Aug. 26 for the annual Recognized Student Organization Fair, which gives all students (but especially freshmen) an opportunity to get a feel for all of the different ways they can get involved on-campus.

RSOs are programs led by students for students that focus on a common goal, such as community service or learning about foreign cultures. They help students connect with one another and enrich their college experience. There are more than 350 RSOs at UofL.

Graduate Assistant Breion Harris, who helped to organize the fair, stressed the importance of student involvement on campus.

“Students who are more involved on campus have a higher GPA and a higher graduation rate,” said Harris. “Freshmen are still getting acclimated to campus in their first week, and we like them to see what student involvement can offer.”

Zachary Heimer, a freshman who attended the fair, said he is looking forward to participating in the organizations he signed up for, including the Crimson Quill Writing Club.

“Being new on campus is a little disorienting,” said Heimer. “Hopefully with the Crimson Quill I can make some new connections and get a better feel for campus life.”

More information about individual RSOs can be found on the Student Involvement Center’s website.