R!L 2014 took place Sept. 16-19 and also featured three nursing conferences,  a variety of mini symposiums and lectures, as well as an in-depth program at the Kentucky Science Center geared toward 6th-12th grade students who were introduced to the Pulse of Surgery program sponsored by Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation/Kentucky One Health and the University of Louisville.  In attendance were middle to high school students with an interest in the health sciences fields from St. Francis High School, Westport TAPP, Louisville Classical Academy, and several homeschool groups.  Stefano Bonassi, head of the Unit of Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology at the IRCCS in Rome Italy and Mary Woolley, president and CEO of Research!America were keynote speakers during R!L 2014.

R!L 2014 winners were honored in a special ceremony by R!L co-chairman and associate dean for research, J. Christopher States, PhD;  Craig McClain, MD, associate vice president for translational research; Pam Feldhoff, PhD,  associate vice president for research; David Hein, PhD, professor and chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology and associate university provost;  Rhonda Hoffman, CCRP, system director for Norton Healthcare Office of Research Administration; Ken Marshall, president of University Hospital/Kentucky One Health  and Matthew Williams, director of major gifts, Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation/Kentucky One Health.

A panel of approximately 90 UofL faculty judges participated in judging over the three-day competition.

The winners are:

Master’s Basic Science Graduate Student Award

1st place Zimple Kurlawala

2nd place Stephen Wechman

3rd place Diana Avila

Doctoral Basic Science Graduate Student Award

1st place Amanda Pocratsky

2nd place Adjoa Boakye

3rd place April Herrity

School of Dentistry Dental Student Award

1st place John Houston

2nd place Saira Ahmed

3rd place Paridhi Kalia

Norton Healthcare Medical Student Award

1st place Andrew Stillman

2nd place Michael Zhang

3rd place Mellad Khoshnood

Public Health & Information Sciences

Master’s Student Award: TIE

Stephanie Lunn

Victory Osezua

Doctoral Student Award: Ray Yeager

Basic Research in Public Health Award: Kendall Stocke

Research & Practice in Public Health Award: Stephanie Boone, PhD

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award Professional Student Category

1st place Dillon Pender (Lacey McNalley)

2nd place Eric Riedinger (Jorge Gomez-Gutierrez)

3rd place Deepa Patel (Kelly McMasters)

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award Undergraduate Student Category

1st place Lee Sims (Jill Steinbach)

2nd place TIE: Tejas Sangoi (Brian Ceresa)

2nd place TIE: Harold Ghooray (Shirish Barve)

3rd place TIE: Kendall Huddleston (Ramesh Gupta & Rhada Munagala)

3rd place TIE: Adrienne Voelker (Brian Ceresa)

Michael K. Tanner Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Sciences

Winner Venkat Ramakrishnan

Ruth Greenberg Award for Excellence in Medical Education Research

1st place Whitney Nash

2nd place Michael Metz

3rd place Alexander Marti

Student Engineering Collaboration Award

1st place Anastasia Keller

2nd place Matthew Nitzken

School of Medicine Medical Resident Award

Winner Charles Kimbrough

School of Medicine Clinical Research Fellow Award

Winner Augustina Palacio

Postdoctoral Fellow Award

1st place Shuichi Sato

2nd place Fahmi Abdallah Mohammed Khalifa (mentor Ayman El-Baz)

Research Associate Award

1st place Harshini Sarojini

2nd place Sanjay Yadav

Research Staff Award

1st place Joshua Royal

Young Faculty Investigator Award

Deepa Kolaseri Krishnadas

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation Basic Science Research Faculty Award

Winner Juliane Beier

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation Clinical Research Faculty Award

Winner Cynthia Crabtree

Nursing Graduate Student

Winner Tariq Al Dwaikat