The Division I team, students with more than 60 hours, finished first in all five league tournaments and had a 22-0 record. The Division II team, students with fewer than 60 hours, finished first in the four league tournaments they entered and had an 18-2 record.

Division I team members are:

Austin Brownlow, computer and electrical engineering

Alex Clifton, English and humanities cultural studies

Ben Creech, humanities cultural studies

Lindsey Hastings, biology and psychology

Nick Hammond, chemical engineering

Ramapriya Rangaraju, computer science and computer engineering, named to Division I All League team

Torrence Williams, industrial engineering

Colton Wilson, art history, English, humanities, and women’s and gender studies

Division II team members are:

Bryan Enders, physics, named to Division II All League team

Jordan Klare, anthropology and history

Dillon Li, industrial engineering

Chase Martin, chemical engineering

Ben Mills, computer science and computer engineering

Ann-Claude Rakotoniaina, biology

Cody Sterling, chemistry and psychology

Casey Young, history and political science

Matt Church and Tyler Frailie are team coaches.