All employment groups were in attendance: administrators, faculty and staff. The majority of the people in the audience were P&A staff, with over 15 percent of all P&A women at the university in attendance, said Melissa Shuter, conference chair and assistant to the vice president for business affairs.

The interest in the conference shows that there is a population that “craves leadership opportunities or at least leadership advice. It bodes well for the university that it feeds that interest well,” she said.

The chance to learn more about leadership is what drew Dorothy Vittitow, director of marketing publications, College of Education and Human Development, to the event.

“It was an opportunity to improve my leadership skills and learn from professionals on how to approach and manage big life changes and crucial business decisions,” she said.

The conference is designed to help attendees support their personal development, critical and strategic thinking and personal goal setting, with sessions on such topics as ethics, work-life balance, financial health, life and career choices and Kentucky women.

“I thought it was a wonderful experience — I just wish it could’ve been longer, said Sarah Humphrey, administrative assistant in the Office of Development.

“One of the things I enjoyed most was being able to connect with other employees,” Humphrey said, noting that she left the conference with “a feeling of connection and a renewed purpose.”

Plans already are under way for next year’s Pathways Women’s Leadership Conference. It is scheduled for May 16.