People can see some of them on Belknap Campus and at the Health Sciences Center.

UofL has a cannon on the The Oval lawn, the statue Ad Astra at the Health Sciences Center and, of course, The Thinker in front of Grawemeyer Hall.

These are just some examples of the points of interest that dot UofL campuses — each with a history and reason for being.

The Office of Communications and Marketing wants to compile a complete list of such campus attractions for a new self-guided tour and campus walk.

Part of its “Destination UofL” initiative, OCM hopes to bring attention to the points and campus by inviting faculty, staff, students, alumni and the public to explore university grounds.

“Our surveys show that a campus visit is an important factor in improving an individual’s perception of the quality and importance of the university,” said John Drees, director of communications for Belknap Campus.

“Campus tours can help people discover or rediscover the attractions on campus and perhaps they may return for the concerts, theater productions, art exhibitions, lectures, planetarium shows and many other events at UofL.”

OCM asks faculty, staff and students to suggest points of interest to include on the list.

“We know some of the more interesting things on campus,” said John Chamberlain, communications and marketing assistant, “but I’m sure we don’t know everything — including the exact number and locations of the Berg mosaics. We don’t want to leave anything out that should be on the tour.”

E-mail suggestions to John Chamberlain.