The 25 Live online space reservation system replaced the old Resource 25 program this summer and provides some new features that are getting favorable comments from system users, said Kim Noltemeyer in the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs. 

“The feedback has been positive,” she said. The new program “is much more user-friendly. It’s designed to walk you through the process with simple steps.”

Users of 25 Live will notice one change immediately. The program is LDAP compliant, meaning users simply have to sign in with their user ID and password.


Other improvements include:

  • An event wizard that will walk users through the process of requesting  event space;
  • Quick search fields that enable users to find events or locations by keywords;
  • A customizable dashboard so users can prioritize the fields when searching for or entering events;
  • A field that will enable users to quickly find open locations or times for scheduling events, and;
  • Ability to mark rooms and reports as favorites for easy access.

The program also will make it easier to create and run reports, Noltemeyer said. For instance, users can quickly find out what has been scheduled in a certain room or what events are happening on a given day. More features will be made available in the future.

Noltemeyer will train units to use the new system. Call 852-0703 or send her an email at to set up an appointment.