SGA leadership and executive staff with UofL's interim provost and interim president.
SGA leadership and executive staff with UofL's interim provost and interim president.

When the Student Government Association’s leadership took office in 2022, they knew it would not be easy to excite students after two years of coronavirus-related shut down. Despite the odds, the student body president, executive vice president, academic vice president, and services vice president, referred to as the “Top 4,” have all already made significant contributions to the revitalization of student life – reaching most of their goals in just the first semester.

The SGA leadership started out the school year by identifying the focus areas of the yearly initiatives: community, academic support, registered student organizations, diversity, services, and safety, collectively known as C.A.R.D.S.S. To improve transparency and accountability, the Top 4 releases monthly updates on their website and Instagram to inform students about what has been accomplished.

The leadership team recruited some of the most driven students on campus to be on their executive staff and bring their vision to life. SGA President Dorian Brown said he could have never rebuilt the campus community alone.

“From our Welcome Week Luncheon to our Athletics Week, we have put tireless hours into events that we believe will maximize student engagement. The accomplishment of these goals is not possible without the support of a talented and dedicated team,” Brown said.

In 2023, SGA plans to continue working toward a more collaborative, equitable, and vibrant campus, specifically brainstorming more projects that unite the Cardinal community.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish this semester for the student body,” said SGA Services Vice President Alex Reynolds. “Productive conversations with students and administrators, along with passionate advocacy have been the core of this year’s SGA. I hope we can get more ideas, questions, and involvement from many students next semester during this pivotal point for our campus!”

To learn more, visit the Initiatives page on the UofL SGA Website.

Article by Lizzy Wolfe, SGA director of communications