Awards presented to LIAM graduates
Awards presented to 2020 LIAM graduates

The third cohort of the Leadership and Innovation in Academic Medicine (LIAM) program completed an 11-month course to develop faculty leaders by presenting their projects designed to improve academic work or health care at the University of Louisville. LIAM is one of the most popular programs offered by the HSC Office of Faculty Development.

The 25 members of the class of 2019-2020, organized in five teams, outlined plans for improving faculty research productivity, patient access, employee recognition, communication and active learning in July. This was the first LIAM class to include faculty from the Belknap Campus.

The mission of the LIAM program is to develop the next generation of leaders at UofL by teaching them the skills needed first to lead themselves, then lead with others and finally, lead an organization. Faculty members enroll in an 11-month training program that includes regular discussions and the capstone team projects.

Gerard Rabalais, M.D., M.H.A.
Gerard Rabalais, M.D., M.H.A.

“Leadership is a set of skills that you can practice. It’s not something you are born with or not born with, but there is a set of definable skills, and with any skill, if you practice it, you get better at it,” said Gerard Rabalais, who developed and directs the LIAM program with Staci Saner.

LIAM originally was designed as a program for faculty in the School of Medicine, but has evolved quickly to include faculty members across the university.

“Our five-year goal is for 15% of the faculty at the Health Sciences Center campus to complete this program. Once you get to that tipping point, synergy is going to start to kick in,” Rabalais said. “That is the result of the cross-disciplinary relationships that develop, meet and work with people they would never have worked with before from different departments or across colleges. Now that we have increased interest from faculty on the Belknap Campus, with 16 people completing the program by July 2021, we likely will set the same target for Belknap Campus.”

During the event, the program’s fourth cohort of 40 faculty members was introduced. It is the largest class in the program’s history and includes 11 members from Belknap Campus and nine from Health Sciences Center schools other than the School of Medicine.

Projects and team members in the LIAM class of 2019-2020:

Improving Faculty Research Productivity: David Brown, Linda Fuselier, Brandon McCormack, Susan Ryan, Siobhan Smith-Jones

Patient Access at UofL Physicians: Jennifer Daily, Luz Huntington-Moskos, Marija Sasek, Maria Mendoza, Rodolfo Zamora

Employee Recognition: HimaBindu Dukka,  Arpita Lakhotia, W. David Lohr, Suzanne McGee, Michael Sweeney

Communication: Brit Anderson, Tamer Mohamed, Kimberly Pate, William Tse

Driving Active Learning: Michael Egger, James Harrison, Chithra Ram, Jennifer Stiff,  Tracy VanMeter, Beverly Williams-Coleman

LIAM program class of 2020-2021:

  • Jason Gainous                                             Arts & Sciences
  • Kandi Walker                                             Arts & Sciences
  • Regina Roebuck                                          Arts & Sciences
  • Benjamin Mast                                Arts & Sciences
  • Kevin Gawley                                                        Arts & Sciences
  • Dawn Heinecken                                         Arts & Sciences
  • Amy Flint                                          Education and Human Development
  • Douglas Craddock                                       Education and Human Development
  • Andrew McCart                                  Education and Human Development
  • Ishwanzya Rivers                                      Education and Human Development
  • Brigitte Burpo                                   Education and Human Development
  • Jill Steinbach-Rankins                               Speed School of Engineering
  • Matthew Fox                                               Medicine
  • Adam Ross                                                    Medicine
  • Ashley Iles                                                     Medicine
  • April Herrity                                                 Medicine
  • Beatrice Ugiliweneza                                   Medicine
  • Timothy Ford                                               Medicine
  • Siddharth Shah                                             Medicine
  • Becca Hart                                                  Medicine
  • Kelly Jackson                                                 Medicine
  • Sunnye Mayes                                              Medicine
  • Jeff Meyer                                                     Medicine
  • Courtney Smith                                           Medicine
  • Joshua Sparks                                                Medicine
  • Rebecca Starr Seal                                         Medicine
  • Amanda LeBlanc                                           Medicine
  • Leslie Sherwood                                         Medicine
  • Samuel Carson                                           Medicine
  • Clayton Tyler Ellis                                          Medicine
  • Kellen Choi                                                     Medicine
  • Cynethia Bethel-Jaiteh                                     Nursing
  • Muna Hammash                                             Nursing
  • Imelda Wright                                                Nursing
  • J’Aime Jennings                                           Public Health and Information Sciences
  • Brian Marrillia                                              Dentistry
  • Lavina Myers                                                     Dentistry
  • Juhi Bagaitkar                                              Dentistry
  • Gill Diamond                                                 Dentistry
  • Ashley King-Tinsley                                      Dentistry