Here is the schedule:

  • Sept. 1, “Thailand’s Tropical Forests: Eight Years of Experiences and Field Research,” David Reed, biology professor and Wallace chair of conservation. He will discuss efforts to save forests and animals of Southeast Asia, where 40 percent of animal and plant species face extinction this century.
  • Oct. 6, “Genius or Genetics: Navigating the Creativity and Madness Discussion,” Annette Allen, humanities professor. She will talk about historical evidence of cultural and psychological links between the creative process and mental illness.
  • Nov. 3, “The Muslim Brotherhood in Flux: Historical, Ideological and Political Analysis,” Okbazghi Yohannes, political science professor. He will examine the origins, growth, goals and political influence of the Society of the Muslim Brothers, one of the largest Islamist groups.
  • Dec. 1, “New Light on Ancient Greece: How Recent Archaeological Discoveries are Rewriting Greek History,” John Hale, archaeologist and liberal studies director. He will talk about how the latest archaeological finds in the eastern Mediterranean region are changing the modern view of ancient Greek civilization.

Talks begin at noon in the University Club. Reservations are required, with $14 payment in cash or check. To reserve a spot, contact Janna Tajibaeva at 502-852-2247 or no later than the Monday before each event.

The College of Arts and Sciences sponsors the Meet the Professors series.