Miller, assistant professor, School of Medicine Office of Graduate Medical Education and an adjunct to the College of Education, has won a gift bag from Kornhauser for participating in last week’s trivia contest honoring the library’s 175th anniversary. In all 62 people participated in the contest, providing a total of 134 correct answers.

Here are the questions and answers:

Q: Who is Kornhauser Health Sciences Library named for, and when did the name Kornhauser first appear in its name?
A: Sidney I. Kornhauser, chairman of the Department of Anatomy and a longtime chair of the Library Committee. Kornhauser appeared first in its name when it was named “Kornhauser Medical Library” in 1960.

Q: An average of how many people entered Kornhauser Library per day in 2011?
A: 647.

Q: What is the longest overdue period for a book checked out from Kornhauser Library?
A: 91 years (1876 and returned in 1967).

Q: Kornhauser librarians conducted an average of how many searches per month in 2011?
A: 770.

Q: True or False: Kornhauser provides health care information to health care professionals not affiliated with UofL?

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