Jeff Guan, interim dean of the College of Business
Jeff Guan, interim dean of the College of Business

UofL’s Interim Provost Gerry Bradley has appointed Associate Dean Jeff Guan to serve as the interim dean at the College of Business. Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees (as delegated to the president), his appointment is effective August 1.

For nearly a decade, Guan has led various academic innovations in the College of Business. In his senior leadership role, he has focused on strategic initiatives as the college addresses challenges brought on by technological innovation, globalization and demographic change. His knowledge of the college’s strategy and operations, his close working relationships with different constituencies in the college and beyond, and his demonstrated ability to engage the business community make him an ideal person to lead.

“I am confident that Interim Dean Designate Guan will be a highly engaged leader for the college during the period of transition,” Bradley said. 

“It is an honor to be appointed interim dean of the College of Business,” Guan said. “I very much respect this institution and the students it serves, and it is my intention to build upon the momentum we have created over the last five years of Dean Mooradian’s leadership. It has been a privilege to be part of Dean Mooradian’s leadership team, and I feel that I am well prepared to lead the college during our search process.”

Mooradian and the College of Business’s chief of staff, Joe Neary, will work closely with Interim Dean Designate Guan to ensure a smooth transition for the college. The university leadership team will move forward with a formal dean search for the college in the spring of 2023. At that time, a professional search firm will be selected, and a search committee will be formed consisting of both elected and appointed members of the college. The university will provide more details regarding the search process this winter.

In his announcement, Bradley took a moment to recognize departing Dean Mooradian.

“I want to express both my and Interim President Gonzalez’s sincere appreciation to Dean Mooradian for the many ways he has strengthened the College during his tenure,” Bradley said. “I am thankful to Interim Dean Designate Guan for accepting his appointment, and I look forward to partnering with you all on this journey to the College of Business’s next chapter.”

While he is interim in title, Guan’s role in developing many of the college’s initiatives over the last four years means the college is in a prime position to continue its growth and innovation for students and the Cardinal Community.

“We are indeed in excellent shape as we enter the fall semester. Our enrollment is strong, as is our financial position. We continue to improve the student experience and focus on increasing our graduation rate,” Guan said. “All these, and many more, are reasons to feel very optimistic about the College of Business.”