Recently, you may have heard concerns about the Interfaith Center and its continued role at the university.

The university periodically assesses space utilization on campus in order to meet the needs and increasing demands of its various units. Although this includes the Interfaith Center, let me assure you that, for the time being, the Interfaith Center will remain intact with its current occupants.

The long-term issue is more complicated. The center’s long-term lease has not been renewed, which has stirred concern. However, the university has no plans to discontinue the center’s operation, and it currently is working with the center on a month-to-month lease.

Our highest priority in the current legislative session was a new academic building for Belknap Campus. That building would have freed up space for us to consider various options for new space for the Interfaith Center and, in turn, the center’s current location could have been converted for use by several student support groups that need space in the center of campus.

Unfortunately, no capital construction projects are included in the state budget about to be signed into law by Gov. Beshear. So, for now, none of these changes are taking place.

Space is always at a premium, and plans can change. But significant changes to our campus will be made openly and based on the best interest of the university.