The Honors Student Council will take it all for its spring 2012 sale to benefit Kosair Children’s Hospital.

In 2010, the group collected more than 32,000 items, sold them to raise more than $10,000 and gave the money to the children’s hospital to renovate a bay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, said Kirstin Henry, Honors Student Council vice president.

The hospital since has completed the NICU renovation, and now the honors students are trying to raise money to help renovate a “pod” or individual room in the hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Henry said, noting that it takes $10,000 to renovate a single pod.

Collection for the 2012 sale has begun and will continue until late March.

“The Honors Student Council has always striven to serve the campus and greater Louisville community in a meaningful way through a variety of volunteer opportunities and community outreach,” she said. “A few years ago, the council decided to commit itself to one large annual service project.” Every two years, Kosair Children’s Hospital is the beneficiary.

“Our motto and our goal for this sale is to help sick children, and Kosair’s has been a fantastic partner and collaborator on this project for the past few years,” Henry said.

The Honors Student Council also is looking to partner with other campus groups to help collect items, she said.

“Most notably, we plan to partner with ULDM (UofL Dance Marathon) once again, but we hope other organizations will partner with us, especially when it comes to collecting donations.”

For now, donations can be dropped off at the Etscorn Honors Center office or Overseers Honors House on Belknap Campus. The student council plans to add more drop-off boxes. People also can send an e-mail to to arrange a pick-up for their donations.

The sale is scheduled for April 4-7 in the Red Barn.