The University of Louisville Police Department reminds faculty, staff and students that there are plenty of simple actions everyone can take to reduce chances of being the victim of a crime and to be safe while walking, biking or driving in traffic.

1.      Use the L-Trail

2.      Sign up for the Rave Guardian Safety App

3.      If you see something, say something (call the University Police at 852-6111 for suspicious activity)

4.      Call 911 for all emergencies needing police, fire or EMS

5.      Always lock your vehicle

6.      Don’t leave items in view in your vehicle on campus or shopping

7.      Store items left in the vehicle in the trunk

8.      Lock your housing unit’s doors and windows

9.      Know who is at the door before opening your door

10.   Lock your bicycle with good lock such as a “U” lock

11.   Do not meet unknown people on and off campus to purchase or retrieve items

12.   Always maintain control of your purse, wallet, backpack, laptop, cell phone and your credit card

13.   Stop and look before crossing any street or parking lot

14.   Don’t be so consumed with your cell phone or music that you are not aware of your surroundings

15.   Walk in groups or pairs

16.   Use the shuttle system

17.   Use security escorts; these are available between dusk and dawn

18.   If you’re riding a bicycle, act like you are driving a vehicle and obey all traffic laws

19.   If you’re driving a vehicle, look for pedestrians and bicycles

20.   Remember that alcohol and drugs impair your system, leaving you open to be a crime victim or an impaired driver.