Angel Thornsbury
Angel Thornsbury

The University of Louisville “means everything to me.” That’s what Angel Thornsbury says about her “community, family, home” – the place she’s spent the past four years.

Thornsbury, from Auxier, Kentucky (which has a population of less than 700 people), is a spring graduate and the first in her family to earn a college degree.  

“When I first came to campus I admittedly was really scared. I really tried to do my best to branch out, go to different events, join clubs, join student organizations,” she said. “I truly believe that being active on campus is the best way to really find your purpose.”

Thornsbury’s experience has inspired her brother to follow in her footsteps, with plans of his own to attend UofL. 

Mark Hebert
Following a 28-year career as a radio and television reporter, Mark Hebert joined the University of Louisville as the Director of Media Relations in 2009, serving as the main spokesperson. In 2015, Mark was named Director of Programming and Production. He’s now producing and hosting a radio show about “all things UofL”, overseeing the university’s video and TV productions and promoting UofL’s research operation. Mark is best known for his 22 years as the political and investigative reporter for WHAS-TV in Louisville where he won numerous awards for breaking stories, exposing corruption and objectively covering Kentucky politics. In 2014, Mark was inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.